VACATION FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER ||FRANCE || PHOTOS TO TREASURE This photo was taken in Normandy, France, during our amazing summer holiday. I like how the fissure is the walls of the magnificent Chateau Gaillard frame the slim figure of a slightly bored teenage ... LONDON FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER || CENTRAL LONDON PLAY SESSION This new post is way overdue, but first of all: Welcome back to my London Photography Blog, where I post some of my favourite shoots! As you all know, I am a London family documentary photographer... little boy holding tight to a football while wearing a medic alert bracelet. the bracelets have important medical information engraved on them so that people can get quick access to medical help in case of an emergency MEDICALERT || PERSONAL BRANDING PHOTOGRAPHY As a personal branding photographer, I get to work with different charities, companies and small businesses in order to create branding photographs that represent them and help them to promote bo... girls and dad having ice-cream. one of them tipped backwards in the background and you can only see her feet above the chair IDOR FAMILY||DAY IN THE LIFE|| BUCHAREST FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER Welcome to my Documentary Family Photography blog. I am normally a London family photographer, but from time to time I get to travel to wonderful places around the world while documenting families an... little boy and dad having a drink at the restaurant at the top of the Tate Modern Museum. photographed by a London family photographer LONDON FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER || BEN, PIPPA AND LEO || TATE FAMILY SESSION As a London Documentary Family Photographer, I get to spend time with awesome families in some of the best places in London! The session I am highlighting today involved a trip to Tate Modern, whi... In the foreground, mom and daughter are talking to each other while in the background the sister jumps up in the air. Photographed by ralu Chase photography, an Essex family photographer. A QUIET TALK WITH YOUR MOM || PHOTOS TO TREASURE When you have a quiet talk with your mom and your sister decides to try flying at the same time. 😂😂😂 The main reason I love this photo is because it captures a small glimpse into the morning r... boy trying to fit in a box, on the floor, in an Essex home MY PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY GIFT Hello mums and dads. It's that time of year again...that time when dads start the frantic hunt for the perfect Mother's Day gift while the mums wait and hope for the best. :) Since dads out there ... mom and daughter mimicking each other EAT.WEAR.TRAVEL || THE SANDOR FAMILY || COLCHESTER FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER I know that Christmas is long gone, but in December last year, I had the great pleasure of going to spend a whole day with Elena and her family. Elena is one of the coolest bloggers out there and to ... brown dog on Persian carpet RECORDING STUDIO NH || USA || BRANDING PHOTOGRAPHY UK I've known Chris for a long time (ever since we ended up in the same family many, many years ago), but I never knew he could be so passionate about something he loves. And I don't say that lightly... ... WHY CHOOSE DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY? I bet you have seen plenty of family photography sessions in a perfectly lit studio, or with a gorgeous background of sunflowers, lavender fields, autumn leaves or other wonders of nature. I surely e...

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the beautiful moments you captured! These are the true memories that will forever remain ingrained in our minds and souls.


Even though I was feeling huge and quite exhausted, Raluca’s photographs were about a joyful, beautiful and happy mother, holding a wonderful baby in her arms.
She is a brilliant photographer and an amazing person.