As a personal branding photographer, I get to work with different charities, companies and small businesses in order to create branding photographs that represent them and help them to promote both their products and their brand’s personality.

Today, I am so excited to share the photos from a recent branding photography session that I did. As much as I love family photography and getting to capture moments that define a family, I also love to do the same for brands.

MedicAlert is one of the charities that I have had the great pleasure to work with. They are the only UK charity providing medical ID services to keep people with medical conditions and allergies safe. They design, create and distribute bespoke medical ID jewellery. Not only do the bracelets and necklaces look great, but even more importantly, they are engraved with your most important medical data, so that in an emergency you can get exactly the help you need straight away. They are also engraved with a 24/7 emergency phone number and a unique membership number to ensure that your full medical records are always just a phone call away. How cool is that?!

MedicAlert is a brilliant solution for the increasing numbers of adults and children with medical conditions like diabetes, epilepsy, allergies, heart conditions, autoimmune disorders and many more. For further  information go check out their website:

There you can sign up and choose from their ID jewellery online or, if you prefer, you chat directly with one of their friendly and helpful team on the phone. They have a wide range of designs, so I am sure you will find the perfect one for you or your kids.

The branding session that I did for them was for the launch of their new sports collection. The photos were taken at the beach and all I had to do was to ask the kids to play, like they normally do. They love the bracelets and they were so excited to wear them. They are so comfortable that they forgot they were wearing them. As a parent, though, I understand the most important thing that makes these bracelets so special: they help keep you safe!

If you like the photos and you want to know more about personal branding, check out my photography branding page and get in touch for a personalized quote. I love working with small business owners who put a lot of work into their brands and are now ready to bring them to the next level. 
People are more interested than ever before in finding out who they are buying from, so make sure your brand photos represent you.

A detail image of the hands of a boy playing with rocks on the beach while wearing a medical alert bracelet. Photograph taken by personal branding photographer, Ralu Chase Photography