hi Again!

It's great to see you here!

If you are on this page, you are probably wondering about the person behind the camera. Well... That's me!

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, forever on the run, the family taxi driver, worried at times and more tired than I want to admit.

BUT... It's all worth it!

I've lived and worked in 3 different countries on 2 continents.

I have learned to go with the flow in almost everything. But just as importantly, I have also learned that people all have their own unique ways of seeing, celebrating and facing life. We might go through similar situations, but the way we handle them is what makes us unique.

The most challenging - and the most rewarding - part of my job is showing off each person's individuality through my photography.

There is amazing beauty in transforming a fleeting moment into a piece of art that will always remind you of the people you love and the reasons you love them so dearly.

It would be my privilege to do that for you.

Since we'll be spending so much time together, I thought you should know more about me first. It only seems fair!

woman being bitten by a meerkat at colchester zoo
girl with a meerkat biting her hand at colchester zoo
colchester zoo girl with a meerkat on her shoulders


Little girl with white hat.

I sneeze when I look at the sun!

Apparently there is a special gene which makes you do that, so you should try it out and see if you have that gene, too.

If I could, I would bike everywhere!

90% of my childhood happened on a bike. I learned how to ride it without holding the handle bars so I could eat my ice-cream on the go.

basketball is the game I love!

It is by far my favourite sport!

Unfortunately, since moving to the UK I haven't had a chance to play.

If you know where I might be able to play, please let me know!

crimE shows are my guilty Pleasure

My favourite show is "The Wire". If you haven't seen it, make sure you do! And if you know of any good crime shows, send me an email; I would love some recommendations!

Mother and daughter, black and white 80's photography.

That's me and my mom's famous baby squeeze/kiss.

I loved those!

Family documentary photographer in action with her camera.

My first Fujifilm camera

They're such awesome cameras!

Funny kids on the ground

A family portrait...of sorts

Yup... that's all their personalities in that image...

Photographer taking pictures of herself and her husband in the mirror

Me and my awesome husband

We've traveled so much together...

black and white photograph of dog o staircase

Our dog/My daughter's dog...

She is adorable, but a pain to photograph

big brother playing with little brothers at the playground

The bros...

They have so much fun... sometimes...

documentary family photographer with parrots on shoulder and hand

Me and some beautiful parakeets

Kensington Gardens

7 7


Why did I choOse a different approach to photography?

You've probably noticed that my photography is moment driven not perfection driven. Well, there is a reason behind that.

At the end of 2015, after a very traumatic year, I decided to go through our family photographs and I was shocked and quite upset to find that all my proper family photographs (not my snapshots) were just a collection of faces and most of them didn't have me in them. They were beautiful, but they didn't say anything about my family, my kids's personalities, about the things we used to do together or the way we interacted with each other. They were all posed and pretty, but that was it... No real moments, no real emotions... all staged.

It kind of broke my heart... And that's when I decided to be more intentional with my photography, allowing people to be themselves, to be real, honest, because the bulk of the things we'll want to remember are the raw, beautiful moments, the stories of who we were, not just what we looked like.

So, as the parent who was always behind the camera, I encourage you to get in the picture and to do it now.

Don't wait anymore! Don't wait for big milestones, the everyday is just as important. The bulk of your family memories are the everyday interactions, the love you share, the time you spend together everyday, not just at weddings, graduations or baptisms. Life happens every day!

Make sure your photographs tell your story so you and your kids can't look back and remember the beauty of your life together.

boy completely covered in mud, pulling his fingers over his legs and leaving white, long marks on his legs.