family of three playing on a couch after the kid had an afternoon nap during a family photoshoot

Documentary Essex Photographer, based in Colchester

Storytelling Photography

- 2004 -

- ESTD -

because life only happens once!

girl looking at camera while swinging on an indoor swing during a documentary family photoshoot in Frinton-on-Sea

about you

You must be here because:

You are drawn to authenticity and meaning in a world full of superficiality.

You know perfection doesn't exist and imperfections are what make us unique.

You like relaxed and stress-free photoshoots.

You want more than a collection of faces. You want moments, personalities and connections.

You love beautiful, meaningful photographs.

You want to leave a unique legacy of photographs behind you.



Hi there!

to my world of stories!

I'm a Romanian-born American who now lives in Essex, UK with her awesome husband, five kids, some chickens and a dog.

Photography is my language, my way of telling you how awesome you are.

So together let's create a collection of imperfectly perfect moments that shout how great you are!

mom - a Colchester family photographer - kissing her little girl's nose

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Kind Words


My Promise

There is power in real photographs because they show you how important you are to those around you, how hard you work and how much you love.

No cheesy smiles, no posing and no perfect behaviour needed or expected. You just get to be yourself, enjoy your time and those around you.

Life is beautiful because of its imperfections. Let's celebrate those, let's celebrate you, the imperfect, beautiful YOU.