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Branding & Business Photographer in Essex

documentary brand and business photography

Your brand must speak to the hearts of your ideal clients. Documentary branding photography does just that. It allows people to learn your story, to see who you are, building confidence not just in your products and services, but in you as an individual.

did you know?

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

The human brain processes visuals up to 60,000 times faster than text.

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Illustrating information with an image can increase recollection by 65%

Articles with images get 94% more total views

65% of humans are visual learners

Images on Facebook receive 352% more engagement than links

7 in 10 consumers say the quality of a product image is “very important” in their decision to buy.

60% of consumers are more likely to contact a business that has an image show up in local search results

if you are here because:

You want to speed up the Know-Like-Trust process between you and your ideal client.

You know that an authentic story goes further than a made up one.

You have worked hard on your business and you want to see your vision come to life.

You want consistency across your brand.

You have realised that your ideal client is interested in who you are: your personality, your passions and your story.

…then you are in the right place

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brand photography in essex portrait of a studio owner

details of a mixer from a recording studio

microphone shot during a branding session in essex

branding photography in essex

musician playing the drums - branding photography shoot

a detail shot of a pair of recording headphones branding photography

studio owner talking with his clients during a branding photography session

man working at a recoding studio desk while two musicas play their instruments in the foreground

microphone details during a branding photo session

branding photography session - man working at a recoding studio desk

man playing a base quitar during a branding session in essex

essex branding photographer man playing the quitar during a recording session in a studio

detail shot of a microphone branding photographer in essex

man working in a recording studio essex branding photographer

detail shot of quitars in a recording studio taken during a branding session in essex

man working at a recording studio during a branding photography session

a dog enjoying his little space at a recording studio branding photography session

music player singing during a recorded session branding photography essex

essex branding photography - studio owner portrait with his dogs

details of drums taken during a branding photography session in essex

a portrait of a studio owner during a branding photography session

a dog looking through a small door window in a recording studio during a branding photo session

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girl standing near the Ritz in London while people are moving and are blurry 

Business owners and entrepreneurs feel the pressure to create another persona. A persona they think their ideal client will want to see or expects to see. The truth is miles and miles away from that.

People buy from people! People buy from YOU!

Your ideal client is interested in YOU and YOUR brand story. They want to see who you are, why you do what you do, how you do it and, more importantly, what it looks like to work with you. The more authentic your story is the more compelling it will be for your client too.

By using a documentary approach to branding photography I create a series of real and beautiful images that will tell your story and help you connect with your client.

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Once you book your session, we'll plan a consultation meeting where we'll talk about your brand, about you and your story. We'll plan your branding session around who YOU are, what you love to do and all the little details that make your business unique.

finally enjoy a PHOTOSHOOT

The beauty of a documentary branding session is that you get to be YOU. No cheesy smiles needed, no pretence. Just YOU doing what you do best. This way I get to capture your passions, your personality and your little quirks in a beautiful and honest way.

Once the session is done, I'll get working on the editing and get the finished photos to you as soon as possible.


shout about your brand

Now that you have the photos from your branding photoshoot, you can use them to tell your story, reach new clients and shout about your awesome services. You can finally fill your website and your social platforms with fresh content.

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musician and his dog in recording studio in USA

Kind Words

Ralu was very relaxed and approachable in this environment. She was able to capture the true energy in the room, at the time that she was standing in there, camera in hand. She interfaced wonderfully with the 5 or 6 performers that were present, and her images more than speak for themselves.



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hand pointing to a small blue frog at the London Aquarium
electric guitars in recording studio in USA




Up to 6 hours of shooting

Up to 3 hours of shooting

1 Hour of shooting




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