newborn baby boy sleeping in his scrib. The newborn photographer took the photo from above

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a close up of a baby's skin during a newborn photoshoot

4 Great Reasons to have a Documentary newborn photoshoot

Babies change really, really fast...


The tiny hands, the beautiful baby smell, the quick smiles (mostly due to gas), their wrinkled skin, they way they pinch your skin while feeding... They're all going to change in a blink of an eye. 'The days are long, but the years are short' is one of the best ways to describe this time of your life. So make sure you don't wait too long...

little boy kissing his little brother's baby head during a family photoshoot

You get to stay in the comfort of your home!


The last thing you need after giving birth and trying to adapt to all the chaos in your life is to leave your home and go into an unfamiliar environment, stressing out about sleep time and feeding times, all just to get a photo of your baby. Why not just stay home, relax and enjoy your baby while I get to photograph your beautiful new family life?

a close up of a baby's ear

You get to be in the photos, too, not just the baby


Yes, the baby is the new addition to the family and yes, they are the centre of your attention now, BUT... You are the centre of their attention, the ones that care and love them unconditionally. Years down the road they will want to see you in the photographs because you are such an important person in their lives. They won't care about how you looked, but they will care if you are present in the photos and so will you. Trust me, I've been there...

mobaby boy pulling his mom's hair

You get more than a record of your baby's face


Life with a newborn baby is not easy peasy, but it's one of the biggest changes you will got though. You will learn how strong, adaptable and resilient you are. There will be tears, but there will also be lots and lots of smiles. Photographs that represent both your strength and your happiness are needed in order to tell a full story. Don't miss the chance to record your beautiful life together and not just what you looked like.

mom changing baby on the bed during a newborn photoshoot in essex

little baby girl laying on a bed and looking at the newborn photographer in essex

dad holding little girl's feet during a newborn photoshoot in essex

little baby girl sleeping peacefully in her dad's arms during a newborn photoshoot in essex

little baby boy's had on a crib during a newborn photoshoot

little baby boy looking at the camera during a baby boy newborn photoshoot

baby girl reaching for the newborn photographer's camera

newborn baby and his older brother comparing feet sizes.

baby in his crib looking at the newborn photographe

mom and baby boy sharing a cure moment together. the baby boy is smiling and looking at the camera while mom is holding him tight to her face

dad washing the baby milk from behind his newborn baby girl.

dad holding his newborn son's hand

little girl biting her bed

mom and dad kissing their newborn baby girl while she makes a funny face

mom kissing her baby boy during a newborn photoshoot

newborn baby boy yawning

mom cuddling her newborn baby boy

dad talking to his newborn baby girl during a newborn photoshoot

big brother holding his baby sister for the first time

baby girl smiling at the camera

newborn baby pulling on his hat

baby boy and his older brother laying on the bed together

a close up of a baby girl laying in her bed

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baby boy making a sweet face while being held by his mother

how does it work?



reserve your date

Get in touch with me as soon as you can. We'll have a chat, talk about all your newborn photoshoot details and reserve your date. Since we won’t know exactly when your baby is going to arrive, I will allow for greater flexibility than normal when scheduling a newborn session.

relax and enjoy your newborn photoshoot

The beauty of a documentary newborn photoshoot is that there is nothing you will have to plan for your session. You just relax and spend precious time with your baby and your partner, all in the comfort of your own home, while I get to capture this amazing new experience for you and your family.

I'm serious! It's that easy!


lay back and enjoy your photos

Once all the photos are edited, I'll get in touch and help you chose the best way to showcase these photos in your home. Albums and prints will be delivered to your door. This way you don't have to worry about a thing. You just have to lay back and enjoy them.


newborn baby girl held by her parents and photographed through her parent's heads touching together

Newborn photography photoshoots start with a session fee that is due at the time of booking. Once all the photos are ready, I will help you chose the best way to preserve these memories.

Don't worry, you will have all the pricing details before you book.


This is a special package tailored to document the story of you and your baby's first year. Babies change so much in that year that you really need more than one session to capture that dramatic change.

This package includes:

-3 half day newborn photoshoots

-One family album.

-All edited digitals.

It is a wonderful package and the best way to celebrate that first year. Please get in touch for more details.

No hidden fees or charges.

From £275

more about pricing

newborn baby girl sneazing


when is the best time to book a newborn session?

To begin with, you should book your session when you are still pregnant (preferably around month 6 or 7). I only book a limited number of sessions each month and you don’t want to miss out by waiting too long! The sooner you get in touch with me, the more likely it is that you will be able to book a slot around your due date and have the date flexibility needed with Newborn Sessions.

Do you only shoot newborns in their first month?

Do you bring props and accessories?

If you want to remember how tiny the baby was in your arms; the soft, velvety skin; the toothless yawns and the short, stretching arms that barely reach past the top of Baby’s head, then you need to book a newborn photoshoot for sometime during the first two to threes weeks of the baby’s life.

However, if you prefer to adjust a bit more to your new role as parents, settle into your daily routines and see more of the baby’s personality coming through, then you probably want to wait until the baby is a month or two old.

My newborn photo sessions are all about you and your baby. The connection you share, the growing bond, the great love you have all just discovered. There is no need for props to show that, just your beautiful self and the beautiful new addition to your family. Your baby in a basket would look like any other baby in a basket. Your baby in your arms, held tight and loved, will look like your family.

they really just sleep; what is there to photograph?

Do I need to prepare anything specific?

Yes, babies sleep a lot, but you don't. You are there to feed them, talk to them, play with them, change them and just love them. And this is your new life, their new life. These are all moments that you will want to remember. A documentary newborn photoshoot captures YOUR new life: yours as a parent and the baby's as a fragile, sweet, yet strong little person.

I don't want you to worry or stress at all about the session. All of my newborn photoshoots are tailored specifically around your needs as a family. They are relaxed and baby-led, with a focus on capturing images of you as a family. If you have any specific baby outfits that you might want to remember, than yes, make sure the baby is wearing them, but there is no need for any other type of preparations.

what if my baby needs to feed or sleep?

mom and dad trying to calm down a sweet newborn baby girl

Newborn babies' schedules are very unpredictable and that is why my newborn sessions are designed to be longer - up to 4 hours. A longer session means that all of you can relax and just enjoy your time together. The baby can feed and rest whenever the baby needs to and you get to enjoy your time as a new family. No stress, no fuss, no imposed expectations, just you and your beautiful family.

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