Sometimes kids do crazy stuff and I love that.

This particular child has an uncanny ability to climb door frames almost as well as Spider-Man. He loves doing it and what makes him really super is his safety precaution: he only does it when his siblings are busy or he makes sure they don’t go under him while he climbs. How cool is that?

The reason I love photos like this is because they depict a very short stage in the life of a child. He soon will be too big to do it or too ‘cool’ to even attempt it, but this family will always have this beautiful, tangible memory of it.

I also love how unfazed his other siblings are by what he is doing. This is part of the story behind this photo and shows how often he does it: nobody is surprised by it anymore, nobody runs to see what he can do. It’s all part of his everyday life right now.

Documentary photographs of everyday life are sooooo important and sooooo precious. They freeze in time moments that we will never get back, moments that we otherwise might not even remember. A photograph like this would have never been possible during a normal family portrait session. No matter how hard we try as photographers, traditional portrait session will always miss these kinds of moments, because moments like this are made in the home (that’s where most of our most precious memories are made). Home is the place we all love, the place where we are relaxed, where we are comfortable in our environment and can truly be ourselves.

Take a moment, look through my Day in the Life sessions and if you think it might be something you would really love to have for your family, contact me so we can chat about it. I would love to have the privilege of creating photographs for you that celebrate who you are as a family: the crazy things, the sweet things and the bond you all share.

boy climbing a door frame while his siblings are peacefully colouring at the dinning room table.