Day In The Life


A Day in the Life of your family.
When you first consider it, a day in your life might not seem grand enough to be worth a documentary photo session.
But our most precious memories are often the fleeting, everyday moments that we wish we could hold on to forever:

Sharing a meal together,
The special way two siblings bicker,
Little ones reading their favourite books,
The laugher (and tears) in a bubble bath,
An unexpected cuddle from your precious child,
A child's artistic scribbles on a newly painted wall.

Memories fade, but a photograph is forever.

A Day in the Life session allows me to capture a genuine time capsule of your family life in a unique collection of photographs, allowing you to cherish those special moments for ever.

A Day in the Life. Because your story is worth telling.


The photos are amazing! I’ve got tears in my eyes looking through them and it’s the third time I am seeing the slideshow. The best photos of our family, ever!


These photos are so true and so US that you can actually see our souls well pictured. Ralu did a great job making us feel relaxed and like ourselves, even though it was the first time we had met her


A photo session with Ralu means relaxed, authentic, quality time and the photos are the perfect reflection of it: you look at them over and over again and you perfectly remember what that moment in time expresses.