An Italian Day In The Life Story


"Having our photo taken by anyone has lately been quite a mission impossible kind of challenge, but hey, what do you pretend with 2 hyper active and moody toddlers?!
So guess how we pictured a photographer actually living with us an entire day… We just hoped to get some nice memories of the four of us together, in a few natural photographs where we and especially the kids didn't have to pose, but simply be ourselves just as we are at this special moment of our lifetime.
Expectations vs reality was finally one easy and funny win, as we met the best photographer ever!
Ralu brilliantly captured our every day craziness in the most genuine and beautiful photos we could have ever imagined. I admit seeing her crawl under tables with the children made me think she was just playing with them and having fun. She actually did that, but also did it while taking pictures of them.
She became the kids' best friend in no time, then managed to be with us all day long just as if she had always been part of the family, but in the same time blending into the background and managing to capture every single special moment in a wonderful way.
We are tremendously happy with these memories, all of us should have our family life documented every other month, as kids grow up way too fast and some little unique moments deserve being captured to become precious memories we will treasure forever."