Hourly Documentary Family Sessions


Every family is unique. Our children are especially unique, always growing, changing their looks and their habits.
One of the brilliant reasons why I love my job is because I have the great privilege of seeing many kids grow up over time.

Short Sessions are a great way to capture memories from every chapter of your family's ever-changing story.

These are not your stuffy, old-fashioned, boring photo sessions where you all have to dress up and pose perfectly. Rather, people usually say my short sessions are fun, spontaneous and real, capturing the true emotions of the day, from love and laughter to tantrums and tears.

All of those moments are precious to us. So, let me help you preserve them forever!

boy and girl jumping and running

Great pictures, wonderful experience, as always! They say 'chemistry' does magic. This is what Ralu has: good chemistry with people and the brilliant talent to reveal and capture the best in them. Thank you, Kalura Photography, once again, for making our memories unforgettable!

little boy in high chair

Ralu took the photos for our son’s first birthday celebration and dedication party (which was a big event because he had a very difficult start to life). She did not draw attention to herself nor try to create forced poses for the camera, but instead she excelled at capturing the natural moments, putting humour and love into her images, while also getting the moments and groups we asked for and much else besides. The result was a wonderful record of the day, which captured the spirit of the occasion and enabled us to enjoy things that we hadn’t been able to see in person, in the busyness of the day.


A photo by Kalura doesn’t just look beautiful, it tells a story: my family’s story. And that is priceless.

Blod girl running at the park.