I know I have said this before, but I really love London!
I also love going to London with people and doing family photo sessions right in the middle of the city.

That’s exactly what I did with today’s family, one of whom happens to also be a professional photographer.
By now I have photographed quite a few photographers and their families.
Yes, I am getting better at not feeling too stressed out about it, but they still keep me on edge a bit. Which I kind of love. 🙂

This family took a day trip to London to visit some of the many awesome attractions you can find there. We started at SEA LIFE London Aquarium, which I highly recommend… So many beautiful creatures to see!

We had lunch at Wagamama – which seems to be a very popular spot for families looking for a good meal in central London.

After the meal we took a boat ride on the Thames to Greenwich Park, where we all did a bit of running around and playing. Then we took the Underground back to our last attraction of the day: the London Eye. The waiting line was huge, absolutely huge – we thought it would take well over 2 hours to get on, but no, we were wrong. They were super efficient and after only about an hour (which flew by while we were chatting and eating ice cream) we were circling up over London.

If you are a parent or a couple and are looking into taking a trip to London, I encourage you to book a photographer for at least part of your time there. It allows you to keep on enjoying the experience you worked so hard to plan; giving you a series of unforgettable memories. And most importantly, since someone else is taking the photos, no one gets stuck holding the camera and left out of those captured moments!

So give me a shout and let’s have a cup of coffee!