As a family documentary photographer, when I first talk to someone about doing a day in the life session for their family, most people have a bit of a hard time wrapping their minds around what that means for them as a family. It’s a bit of a strange thought to have someone follow you around your whole day and not only to keep an eye on everything you do, but also to photograph it. I mean… who in the world would want that? 🙂

          But like most things in life, the reality is completely different. I don’t follow you around like a crazy person photographing everything you do. I am just like a friend with a camera, hanging out with you for the day, chatting and chilling with your family, while capturing the details that make your family special and unique. And what that means for the family is that everybody gets to be themselves. They can laugh, cry, dance or fight… there is no agenda other than creating a tangible record of all the amazing memories you have together. Once people understand that, then the pressure is off and the fun begins. I mean… who in the world wouldn’t want that? 🙂

          And that is exactly what I did with the Andea Family. I got to hang out with them for a day in the beautiful Cotswolds, experience their daily routine alongside them, which might seem a bit boring when you are in the midst of it, but it is inside those ordinary moments where the memories grow that you will cherish forever. The Andeas are both amazing wedding photographers and you can check out their work at Green Antlers Photography, but when it comes to their story, I’ll let them tell you more about it themselves.

          In the meanwhile, enjoy the photos (make sure you check out their slideshow), let me know what you think and let’s get a cup of tea to talk about your Day in the Life. They are sooooo much fun that you will want to book one every year.

Andea Family

          “We’re incurable dreamers. We lived in London for 8 years and realised it just wasn’t the big dream for us or making us any happy at all. ( who likes coffee anyway? ) so when life happened and we became parents, we quickly realised it was time to make the step from the capital to a tiny village in the Cotswolds where we play with sheep, dogs and eat dirt (that’s basically describing out baby boy) and we absolutely LOVE it!

           We’re full time freelancers / full time parents  and full time hustlers.

           Breakfast time is super important to us and playing games with our kid. We’re beyond lucky to be living this more simple life which, to be fair, is so much more exciting than busy city life! “