The Photography Fundamentals Course is a series of 1-2-1 mentorship lessons that cover all the basics of photography from composition, metering, and full camera control to understanding light and the impact it has on photos. You will learn all the important things you need to know (both technically and creatively) so that you can have the confidence and the freedom to shoot interesting, creative photographs.

I don’t just offer a set of impersonal lessons, though, I actively mentor every one of my students, meeting individually with you (online) for an hour every week. During this time I will go through your photos with you, helping you to analyze the progress you are making. You will grow quicker in both skill and confidence having a Mentor working with you every week, reviewing what you have learned, giving feedback on your work, bouncing ideas around with you and answering any questions you may have.

By the end of our time together you should be able to take full advantage of your camera and lenses, have a clear understanding of natural light, recognize a good composition and be able to use all the skills you’ve accumulated to create unique, beautiful images in whatever genre you choose to pursue.



The course has 10 Lessons and it is run over a 10-week period. This gives you plenty of time to practice and solidify what you have learned between lessons; it also allows you time to visibly develop your own artistic style over the duration of the course.

Each lesson has two parts:

  • a PDF document that covers the week’s subject, which you may download and keep for future reference
  • a 1-hour/week one-on-one mentorship meeting with me on Zoom
  • The printable PDFs contain very useful information, lots of photography tips, illustrations of the things you are learning, and clear tasks to work on throughout the week.

    During the weekly Zoom meetings we will discuss the concepts you’ve learned in more detail and go through the assigned work you did for that week. We will go through the images you’ve taken and see what worked and what didn’t. This is also a chance for you to ask questions and clarify anything that might have been challenging. Doing this every week gives you the chance to resolve any troubleshooting issues as soon as you encounter them.

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    The course will start one week after you sign up.

    Because of the time-intensive nature of the Mentoring Programme, I am offering a very limited amount of spaces!

    If all the spaces are filled up your name will automatically go on a waiting list.

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    "Ralu's has broken down her whole course into very clear weekly lessons. The language she uses is also so clear and easy to follow and gave me great confidence and inspiration to try out new skills. I couldn't recommend Ralu's teaching style more. I know I feel so much more empowered."

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    The total cost of the mentorship program is £750 (when paid in full) or two instalments of £395.

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    That means you pay only £75 per lesson +1 hour mentorship meeting.

  • 2-hour shooting session with me by your side - £250 £175
  • These shooting sessions are the best way to practice all the things you have learned with your mentor physically by your side. I usually recommend adding two of these sessions during the 10 week course (one after Lesson 5 and one at the end of the course), however you may book as many or as few as you like.

    The sessions will usually take place either in London or somewhere in the Colchester area, although I can travel farther afield at an additional travel cost.

  • 2-hour Introduction to Lightroom Session - £175 £150
  • This is the best way to get started with editing your photos without the added stress of learning a new software on your own.

    The session will take place over Zoom and will be recorded for you to keep as a reference if you ever need to refer back to it.

    I will cover all the important bits you need to know from importing your photos to editing them and then making the final export. I also include tips on how best to organize your images, cull them and process them using both basic and more advanced techniques.


    girl holding a bumblebee on her finger photographer in chelmsford

  • You are passionate about photography and you want to take it a step forward
  • You have a camera, but have only been using it in ‘automatic’ mode
  • You want to learn about the rules of composition and how to apply them to your images
  • You want to understand the basics of light and how to manipulated it in order to create better images
  • When learning you thrive on being given clear information with plenty of handy tips and hands-on examples
  • You want to discover and explore your own voice and style with gentle guidance



    added bonus

    In order to say thank you for joining this course and to better help you on your photography journey when you enrol you will also get, as a bonus, the 2h introduction to Lightroom Zoom Session.

    That is £175 in savings.


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