Where are you located?

I am a documentary photographer based in Essex, UK. To be more precise, I live near Colchester, very close to the beach and I love it. Frinton on Sea and the Naze are two of my favourite places to hang out and enjoy the sea, the sand and sun (when we get it).

What if we don't live close to your location?

That would be great news for me, because I love travelling! I have photographed people all over the UK, including in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Colchester, Chelmsford and Scotland (to name just a few places). I have also photographed clients worldwide, in countries like France, Italy, Poland, Romania and the USA. Yes, I am a Globetrotter, so no worries if you are not local; I am very excited to travel to new places.

Where do your photo sessions take place?

I always recommend starting the photo session at your home because, let’s be honest, that is where most of your memories are made. Home is the place where everybody is comfortable, in their own element and happy to be themselves. We can also go to some of your favourite places and do some of the things you enjoy doing as a family. Eating ice cream or going on short trips are always fun. Let's plan it together.

My house is not always at its best and I really don’t have time to tidy it up for a photoshoot. How will that make our photos look?

Perfect. Your photos will be perfect! I have 5 kids, so trust me, I know the struggles of keeping a house tidy! One day your house will actually be as clean and tidy as you wish it could be, but your kids will have moved out by then! Seriously, though, I truly believe that a home is not defined by its standard of tidiness, but by the level of happiness in it. Also, as a photographer, I know how to avoid clutter and crazy backgrounds. Remember, I concentrate on connections and emotions, not on belongings. After saying all this, remind me to show you my favourite photo of my living room. :)

Are you going to follow us around like some creepy stalker?

Yes and no, but mostly: no. I am not going to try to be a fly on the wall and just creepily photograph your every move because that would be… well, creepy. I usually interact with the family and try to integrate myself as best as I can. The more comfortable you are with me, the most likely it is for you to let your guard down and be your natural you. I will be more like a friend with a camera taking photos throughout the day.

What if my kids don’t always behave and it’s exhausting to keep them entertained for long periods of time?

I have yet to meet a kid who behaves all the time, but I am still young(ish), so you never know. The point of this type of session is to capture your family story and that also means capturing your kids’ personalities, their quirks, their quietness or their loudness. There is no need for you to entertain them or to make them act in a certain way; that is the beauty of family documentary photography.

How long are the sessions you offer?

I offer three types of session: short sessions (90 min), half-day sessions (4-5h) and full day sessions (8-10h). They are all photographed in a similar way, but the longer the session is, the more time I get to tell a more complete story of your family. In all the sessions, I spend about 20 minutes getting some “traditional” portraits of the family in a fun and relaxed way. The rest of the time, I photograph in a documentary style. I will be looking for real connections, genuine emotions and the ways you express your love for each other. That is what a family story is all about.

Do you photograph family vacation sessions?

I love photographing vacation sessions. Unless you want something more elaborate, like a two day coverage, I offer the same packages for family vacation sessions as I offer for my regular family documentary sessions. Just let me know what you would like and we will come up with a package that is tailored to your needs.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do. They exist for pretty much everything else under the sun, so why not use them to invest in your family’s heirlooms?

When should I book you?

Due to the amount of work that goes into each session, I can only do a limited number of sessions each month. So once you start saying to yourself: “Oh my word, this is exactly what I was looking for!” you should push the “BOOK NOW” button and we'll start planning your session. If you have any other question that isn’t listed above, pop me a message HERE. I’ll be more than happy to answer.

little boy sleeping with hand on his face

Ralu took the photos for our son’s first birthday celebration and dedication party (which was a big event because he had a very difficult start to life). The result was a wonderful record of the day, which captured the spirit of the occasion and enabled us to enjoy things that we hadn’t been able to see in person, in the busyness of the day. I would definitely recommend Ralu!

daughter kissing her mother on a bench in Chelmsford park

This is our fourth photo session with Ralu during the past 8 years. Great pictures, wonderful experience, as always!

little girl mirrored in supermarket fridge

She became the kids' best friend in no time, then managed to be with us all day long just as if she had always been part of the family, but in the same time blending into the background and managing to capture every single special moment in a wonderful way.

Blod girl running at the park.