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I’ve known Chris for a long time (ever since we ended up in the same family many, many years ago), but I never knew he could be so passionate about something he loves. And I don’t say that lightly… To be passionate about something means not only loving that thing, but working really hard, being persistent and being willing to sacrifice in order to see your dream come true.
Chris did just that with his recording studio in NH, USA. He built a state-of-the-art recording facility with his own two hands! I can’t even imagine the effort and determination that such a job would take. I swear this guy has two right hands.

What’s really great about Chris’s studio is that it has a very homey type of vibe – you know, if your home were full of musical instruments. He also threw in pieces of himself which are those little details that make a difference, that give the studio character and make it more personal. I loved finding the little VW cars everywhere, hanging out with his dogs – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person more devoted to his animals and more willing to carry them with him everywhere he goes. And it’s not like they are small lap dogs… they are gigantic, but sweet, dogs.

And if you don’t think he is pretty awesome by now, keep in mind that he is also a single dad, doing a great job bringing up his cute little boy. Men don’t usually get asked how they manage to balance their careers and their family life, but as a single parent, I am sure Chris has to take this into account every day. As far as I am concerned, he deserves a pretty big round of applause for doing both jobs so well.

So, if you are ever in need of a really passionate guy who loves music, has a brilliant recording studio, two right hands and is very down to earth and approachable, give him a shout!

The Noise Floor
54 Broadway
Dover, NH 03820

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